Things You Should Know About Injuries

Injury is known to be any kind of damage that has caused the body pain and suffering. It is more of physical rather than being mental. The injuries might happen as a consequence of fall, accident, hit, weapon, carelessness and others. If the injuries are severe enough they can disable a person for a longer period of time or can cause the death of the injured person. Studies have found out that in 2013, almost 4.8 million people have died because they could not survive the adverse effects of injuries. Most of these deaths were because of transport related injuries. The number of people also includes small children and others.

The most common injuries that are found are ankle sprains, shin splints, hamstring strain, groin pull, knee injury, tennis elbow, etc. After accident cases, the most common area where injuries are predominant is the sports field.

Immediate Treatment for Injuries

Treatment in most cases is available by visiting a doctor and taking his/her advice. But the best way to recover is y following RICE. This means Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. This gives relief to pain by reducing swelling and inducing speedy healing. According to the experts, following RICE at least for 48 hours helps to reduce pain and give relief.

If you are in the workplace the common injuries that can happen there are falling to the lower levels, slips and trips, repetitive motion injuries, machine crushing, overexertion due to lifting/ lowering, etc.

Measures to Prevent Injuries

Every injury is not in our hands to control. The ones that happen due to our careless or ignorant attitude can only be prevented. In order to prevent the injuries, one needs to be very careful while moving. They should maintain the right body balance. Balance can help in a great way to prevent slipping, tripping and falling. This can also help to avoid missing footsteps while walking or stepping up on a staircase.

While one is driving a car, they should focus in that. Distractions such as looking out, talking to co-passengers or talking on the phones should be avoided. Fast driving, being alcoholic can also be a cause of harm so better be sure to avoid them.

One should wear proper shoes and then walk rather than wear torn shoes. Parents should guide their children about the things they should play with. This will prevent them from getting injured by falling down or cutting their hands and feet, and in the worst case breaking them.