Cyber Bullying – The Curse of New Age Technology

The technological abuse With the emergence of technology, computers, laptops, tablets and Smartphones have become a part of our everyday life. Today, literally no individual can stay without these gadgets. The communication sector has revolutionized in the past few decades sort of shrinking the whole world. The internet web has enabled the far ends of … Read more

Online Legal Forms

In the past, people obtained legal forms only through attorneys, public notaries and government offices. In our time and age, legal documents became very accessible on the internet. This provides the consumer with the ease, convenience and inexpensive access to the forms form the comfort of one’s home or office computer. Depending on the forms, … Read more

How to Expunge a DUI Record

Getting behind the wheel while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very stupid decision. This mistake can cost you a hefty fine or your freedom. You can get arrested for drunk driving and this charge may result to expensive fines, community service, jail time and a permanent record. A DUI … Read more

The Need of Hiring a Business Transaction Lawyer is Rising

Every business demands a business lawyer, so that one can run one’s business successfully without facing any kind of hardships from others. Different companies have different rules that are set as per the requirement of their corporate guidelines and structure, hence the rules and regulations may vary from one company to the other. On the … Read more

Why You Need a Will: Common Scenarios That May Surprise You

Here are some common scenarios where people die without Wills — the outcomes may surprise you: Scenario 1: A husband dies, survived by his wife and three young children. The wife feels assured that she inherits all of her husband’s assets. She is wrong. The children inherit a significant fraction of the assets, and because … Read more

Cyber Law – Many of the Newest Cyber Laws Are to Protect Businesses

Two decades ago there wasn’t really any type of cyber law. Today, we can’t pick up a newspaper, without reading something about legal issues that involve the Internet, or the companies that do business there. The record and movie industry has been distraught over piracy, copyright infringement, and stolen intellectual property. And they have every … Read more

A Good License Agreement for Your Music

Many amateur composers fall victim to a badly drafted licensing agreement that totally stomps on their right over their royalties and possible million dollar career. This scenario does not only affect songwriters but also musical composers for movies and televisions. They write songs and produce music. The record company or the movie and television company … Read more

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer More Than You Think

There are times when a real estate lawyer is extremely helpful in managing your property ownership. Although many realty transactions are handled through listing agents, there are occasions when these representatives’ knowledge base just is not adequate. Realtors typically attend training for less than a year, while attorneys are required to attend law school for … Read more