Copyright Law Applies to T-Shirt Designing

When you hire an artist to create a design for you, you own the product designed once the art work is complete but not the copyright to the design- it still remains the artist’s property as it is his creativity. An authority must be granted by the artist in writing to claim that the copyright … Read more

Car Accidents Happen (Part 3) – Dealing With the Other Insurance Company

Dealing with insurance companies is a necessary part of a car accident’s aftermath. As discussed in Part 1, after a car accident, you should exchange information with the other driver, including information regarding insurance carriers. This means that the other driver, and their insurance company, now have your contact information. It is very likely that … Read more

Caught Speeding? Defence Arguments in Scottish Law!

There are many misconceptions about Scottish Law and in particular the Road Traffic Laws of Scotland applicable to speeding offences. Many assume that there is no argument against an accusation due to the evidence produced by police e.g. the readings given by the speed radar gun used. Many people accept the offence and its carried … Read more

The Top 10 Medicaid Planning Mistakes

1. Thinking it’s too Late to Plan. Even after a loved one has moved into a nursing home, steps can still be taken to protect assets. With nursing home costs as high as $7,000 a month, giving up on protecting your assets can be very costly. Solution: Schedule a meeting with a qualified elder law … Read more

Lemon Law Lawyers And What They Do

Consumers who suffer due to the purchase of faulty vehicles are protected by the lemon law. Attorneys that deal with lemon laws are lemon law lawyers. Most vehicles are manufactured by huge manufacturing companies and it is not always possible for a common man to stand against these giants. This is where you need the … Read more

What Is a Copyright Search?

Some law firms will perform copyright searches in an attempt to learn whether an image or work might infringe someone’s copyright. Copyright searches aren’t like other IP searches. Trademark searches are performed to see if a potential mark is likely to be registered or face obstacles during prosecution. Patent searches are performed to see if … Read more