Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation As an Alternative

It’s never an enviable position to be in when you’re facing the prospects of separation and divorce. For many couples this of course also means child custody and child support, along with division of property, alimony, and all the other logistic and legal steps along the way. However, every case does not need to be a dug in, drawn out, ugly courtroom battle.

In fact, many couples are able to find out of courtroom solutions that offer what is ultimately an easier and simpler process, with less emotional strain and financial burden. This is where divorce mediation comes into play. Learn more about why this is a viable alternative and to see whether or not it may be the right way for you to go.

During divorce mediation, an experienced mediator serves as a third party between the couples. This entails negotiating and compromising on some of the important points and issues in play. While one on one, these would never be amicably or easily solved, with the insight of a calm, experienced outside party, solutions often develop without excessive stress or hassle.

Both sides are given equal time and weight, and it’s amazing to see the power that a neutral 3rd party can have towards producing a settlement. When both sides are heard and respected, results can be achieved.

The mediation process puts the couple in the position of power in terms of compromising for what they each feel they want or deserve, as opposed to leaving that in the hands of a judge alone.

Every case is different, and in some matters, there’s not going to be an easy out of courtroom settlement. Other individuals may simply not want to go in that direction due to what’s at stake, or how they feel about the other party. That’s why there’s never a right or a wrong, or one single approach to any case or circumstance.

However, what many individuals are finding is that divorce mediation offers the path of least resistance. That means you can move on with your life in less time, while going through a process which is easier on you emotionally and mentally, and saves you time, effort and money as opposed to lengthy, intensive courtroom fights.

Be sure to speak with an experienced divorce mediation attorney in your local area who can help guide you through the process, and determine whether or not that’s the right course of action for you.