Should Old Senile Humans Be Allowed to Serve As Supreme Court Judges?

The other day, there was a Supreme Court justice on C-SPAN giving an interview. I felt completely bad for that Supreme Court Member because they hardly made any sense at all. Although they were semi-coherent, I am unconvinced that they knew what they were talking about. Perhaps their aides and interns are doing all the work, and they are just sticking to what they knew way back in the past, and sticking with the party lines. I have a problem with this. Why you ask?

Well, I’d like to explain it like this; we live in a very complex society, things are ever changing, and although the principles of the law may be the same, it’s very hard for me to justify the wisdom of a senile, or nearly so person deciding how I and my family will live in the future. There ought to be some sort of intellectual test each year for Supreme Court justices in the United States of America to continue their service. I know they are appointed for life, but I think we might need to change that. With such a new law introduced into our country – would it be abused?

Yes, it might be. There is always that risk however, I would say we are all under the potential harm of being damaged, all the citizens in the United States, if we are to continue this, keeping people alive on pharmaceuticals with their brains half wilted away. That might be very harsh, and I know that there was a lobby from one of the large retiree associations to prevent Florida from giving drivers tests to people over ninety years old. Therefore they just renewed the driver’s licenses for these folks. Unfortunately it is killing people, causing accidents, and it isn’t right.

We require ongoing education for licenses for real estate people, insurance brokers, financial planners, and all sorts of other professionals. We should do the same for lawyers, and Supreme Court justices. If the Supreme Court Members are exempt from this type of ongoing education and licensing, something that measures their competency, then one could ask if we are keeping these justices alive anyway we can for political reasons, until the next administration gets in to replace them. No, I’m not pointing fingers, not yet.

Remember, I am writing this article because I observed an interview with a member of the United States Supreme Court on C-SPAN, and I could not believe the words coming out of their mouth or the barely coherent replies during the interview. I can’t imagine these people engaged in a complex debate and dialogue deciding the future law that will determine the future of this great country. Please consider all this and think on it.