Avoid a DUI With Designated Driving Services

Anytime you are going out drinking, you need to plan ahead and figure out a designated driver that is sober to bring you home. The best options are to designate a friend to pick you up or choose someone going out with you to not drink, so your car isn’t left stranded. For many of us, we don’t plan ahead for a safe ride. If you find yourself with no way home at the end of the night, there are several designated driving services you can choose from. Most of these are paid and a few may be free, dependent on location and timing.

Advantages of Designated Driving Services

When the night is over and you find yourself drunk with no way home, do not get behind the wheel and drive. There are many services to choose from that will bring you home safely. The majority of driving services cost money, but it will cost a lot less than getting charged with a DUI. Do some research to figure out what the best option is for you based off a few factors.

There are a lot of year round companies that offer this kind of service. Each works a different way, such as them picking you up in their car and driving you home. In this case, you will need to leave the car you drove behind and pick it up another day. Some services bring your car home for you and some may even drop someone off to drive your vehicle and follow you both home. There can be several rules, dependent on where you’re located, what time of day it is, and what time of year it is. Lots of states have services specific to that state and rides may even be free if it is a holiday.

Free Driving Services and Limitations

Most driving services cost money, but there are a few that will offer free rides on holidays like New Year’s Eve. Companies do this to reduce the amount of drunk drivers on the road since most people are out drinking on holiday nights. There are even some non-profit businesses that offer free designated driving services all the time depending on the state. One company that offers free towing services with limitations is A.A.A. Tipsy Towing. However, this is not currently offered in the state of Colorado.

In Colorado, the only free services currently offered are on holidays. The local public transportation called RTD offers free bus or light-rail rides in certain areas and between certain times. There are a few law firms around that may reimburse you for taking a paid service such as a taxi, up to a certain amount. There are also other programs in the mountains called the Free Ride Transit System. Every once in a while, some police departments will come up with promotional campaign ideas for free rides in order to reduce the amount of drunk driving accidents. Do some research in your area and when you find a free ride service, don’t forget to tip the driver!

Options for Paid Driving Services

There are several services that can be used as a safe ride to avoid risking a Driving Under the Influence charge. If it is not a holiday and there are no free options at your disposal, some of the most obvious paid services include calling a taxi cab or public transportation such as buses and light-rails. Public transportation can be a good option because, most of the time, you can park your car in a free lot before hopping on at a certain location. Even though these are paid, they will be much cheaper than paying for a DUI! However, you may have to leave your car behind if you drove, so designate your own sober driver if you can to avoid parking tickets or your car getting towed.

Locally in Colorado, there are designated driving services that many of us have heard of. The most popular include Uber and Lyft. These services can be called to have a driver come pick you up and bring you home in their own personal car, instead of a marked car like a taxi. These services may be cheaper depending on the time of day. Keep in mind, Uber and Lyft may offer discounted rides, up to a certain amount, or one free ride for the first time you use them. Both services will give free rides on holidays too using a special code so look online. One other paid service you may not have heard of is called Denver Roadies. This is located strictly downtown and the driver brings their own foldable scooter to place in your trunk while driving you home and then scoot off to their next destination after dropping you off.