Copyright Law Applies to T-Shirt Designing

When you hire an artist to create a design for you, you own the product designed once the art work is complete but not the copyright to the design- it still remains the artist’s property as it is his creativity. An authority must be granted by the artist in writing to claim that the copyright … Read more

What Is a Copyright Search?

Some law firms will perform copyright searches in an attempt to learn whether an image or work might infringe someone’s copyright. Copyright searches aren’t like other IP searches. Trademark searches are performed to see if a potential mark is likely to be registered or face obstacles during prosecution. Patent searches are performed to see if … Read more

Is Media Plagiarism Between Mediums Acceptable?

Should a blog post on someone’s website end up verbatim in a newspaper or magazine publication? Is taking the dialogue from a television news show and publishing it in print an acceptable practice? With technology and media being what they are today, this type of thing happens all the time. Publishing duplicate content on the … Read more

How To Skip Intermediaries In the Publishing Process

“Code is Law,” Lawrence Lessig stated. What do we need lawyers for, then, in the digital age? “Let’s kill all the lawyers,” Shakespeare would suggest. Why don’t we and why internet does – that is the question that will be attempted at answering. The reader will be asked to reach the verdict in the court … Read more

Song Copyright – How Songs and Music Are Protected by Copyright

1. The Copyright Office Does NOT “Copyright” Your Work Most people misunderstand how copyrighting songs and music really works. For instance, getting a copyright for your music has nothing to do with the copyright office. Even the Copyright Office explains this in their information booklet, Copyright Basics (page 3): “The way in which copyright protection … Read more

Copyright Solicitors and Issues of Intellectual Property

Many people wrongly assume that intellectual property and copyright is identical. However, while they do have significant overlaps and are undoubtedly related, if you speak to specialist copyright solicitors, they will be able to explain the differences. This article looks at how they relate to each other and why it is important to understand the … Read more

A Good License Agreement for Your Music

Many amateur composers fall victim to a badly drafted licensing agreement that totally stomps on their right over their royalties and possible million dollar career. This scenario does not only affect songwriters but also musical composers for movies and televisions. They write songs and produce music. The record company or the movie and television company … Read more

Current State of Copyright Awareness in Education

Many scholars believe that the rate of frequent copyright infringements among students and other users of copyright materials in academic environment is an indication that the awareness of copyright is still extremely low, especially, today that technology has made it easier to photocopy, plagiarize and pirate other peoples materials. This shows that there is little … Read more