Current State of Copyright Awareness in Education

Many scholars believe that the rate of frequent copyright infringements among students and other users of copyright materials in academic environment is an indication that the awareness of copyright is still extremely low, especially, today that technology has made it easier to photocopy, plagiarize and pirate other peoples materials. This shows that there is little respect for creativity, so copyright protection is considered unnecessary. The high price of foreign and quality books is another major factor. As they are luxury goods, people still like pirated books.

It is however worrying to note once again that the issue of copyright has now become a global concern and infringement of copyright law has also received prominence, especially in the academic environment where a larger group of copyrighted material users are found. for instance, in an educational institution where lecturers rely on copyrighted materials to teach their students as the students also often consult copyrighted materials to meet their educational requirements, in such an environment, it is admitted that lack of copyright awareness may result in uncontrollable copyright infringement activities.

The fact that what pertains in other foreign universities seems to be absent in most Ghanaian universities on copyright awareness is a great worrying to the copyright industry.

One may even wonder what happens at a university where there is no copyright and access policies in this era where copyright infringement has become more evident with the emergence of advanced technology, as it is now possible to copy and use literary works that are likely to be protected by copyright. The situation at most Ghanaian schools reveal that many students, who cannot afford the prices of materials and textbooks, now make photocopies of essential texts and materials for their education at a low cost in the detriment of the copyright holders.

However it can only be concluded that the detriments caused by copyright infringement do not only affect authors but also publishers and other stakeholders in the publishing industry as a whole.

Considering that schools forms part of the major users of copyright-protected materials in Ghana, it is right to conclude that based upon the role of copyright in our knowledge-based economy, it is important that any serious enquiry into the subject of intellectual property (IP) has to consider this crucially important role of copyright in the production and dissemination of knowledge and knowledge-based products.

This is because most Ghanaian schools have library blocks resourced with various copyright-protected materials which are made available to both students and lecturers for the production of term papers, essays, report, thesis or dissertation, articles, journals and other scholarly publications by the students and lecturers. This suggests that the schools must therefore be positioned to effectively advocate their academic and institutional values and defend its teaching, research and service mission through effective copyright awareness.

Online Detective Services: Private Investigator Vs Net Detective

Is there such a think as an online private detective? A Dick Tracy of sorts for the Internet world? Can’t you just see the smoke filled, dark investigation room with laptops scattered about.

If you Google search for things like Internet detective, or cyber investigator, or online detective, you will find tons of information about performing private investigations for yourself but very little about live, private investigators willing to track down online perpetrators. In reality, this is a brand new industry that is starting to form.

If you are simply trying to find someone, let’s say an old friend from high school, then there is a ton of online services to help you accomplish that task. As an example, NetDetective (of which I have no affiliation), is probably one of the more popular sites. According to their website, NetDetective “allows you to uncover information you want to know about your doctor, boss, friends, neighbors, lover and even yourself.”

While this kind of service is extremely helpful for the right applications, it does not offer solutions to the second type: I need to find, stop, or prove that someone is doing something bad online to me, my company, or my loved ones. Now this is a horse of an entirely different color.

Let me give you an example. Recently, we were contacted by a high profile person that was being attacked by former partners and friends. The attacks were relentless including social media(facebook), anonymous blog and blog comments, emails, etc. To the point that person was also concerned about physical safety even though that was not being openly threatened.

Unfortunately, people being attacked in the Internet world are typically not going to be helped by traditional lawyers and law enforcement. Lawyers are very good at litigating and taking every legal action once they can prove that somebody is attacking their client. But how will they do that when the online attacker is hidden by layers of security and masked IP addresses. Most law firms do not have the resources for such investigations.

Unless the threat is serious enough, then conventional law enforcement will likely be unable to help since this really does not fall within their charter.

What should the client do? For people that work in this little specialty, they have had a number of calls from both companies and individuals that are at their wits end because of their online reputation being attacked. They literally do not know where to turn.

What the individual really needs is an Internet investigator, or an online detective that will help them gather needed information and can then point them to appropriate legal or law enforcement resources.

So, as you can see, there is a very large difference between and online investigator vs a service like NetDetective. Each have their own specialty and application.

Arbitration Vs Mediation: Pros and Cons

What’s the difference between Arbitration and Mediation? There’s often confusion about which one of these two legal methods works best for divorce. Here’s some information to help you make the best decision for your divorce.

In both arbitration and mediation, a neutral third party is used with the goal to negotiate a settlement without a lengthy court proceeding. Simply put, in arbitration the arbitrator (or arbitrators) hears your evidence and makes a decision for you. In mediation, the parties in the divorce first meet together informally with a mediator to share their reasons for divorce. The mediator does not make a decision for you, but helps to facilitate a peaceful and fair discussion to lead to a resolution acceptable to both parties.

Three Top Reasons to Choose Mediation Over Arbitration

1. Save Money and Time – Though arbitration can save time because it helps to avoid the wait for a trial date, it can take much longer than mediation because it is much like a mini-trial. Both parties still have to convince the arbitrator, or sometimes arbitrators, to rule in their favor. Consideration of evidence and legal arguments often takes place with attorneys and adds even more time. Mediation takes much less time because the focus is on resolving the conflict peacefully to result in a win-win for both parties. Meetings with a mediator are scheduled at convenient times for everyone with little to no wait time. Resolution progresses at a quick pace because everyone has the same goal, a fair decision and a good outcome for everyone.

Arbitration saves money because there is no going to court, but it requires hiring attorneys who bill by the hour in addition to arbitrators who are also paid. This can greatly increase the cost. Mediation saves money because it involves only the mediator and the couple, proceeds much faster, and the mediator’s fee is a fraction of the cost of an arbitration proceeding.

2. Focus on the Future – In mediation the focus is on the future. Both parties are encouraged to get beyond their differences and settle their divorce peacefully and quickly. There is no right or wrong side and the divorcees have more control over their future. Arbitration is left up to a third party to make the decision. Rights and obligations are determined by existing law which the arbitrator is forced to follow. The outcome may not be what both parties expect and it can be a contentious and lengthy procedure.

3. Ease of Decision – Mediation avoids lengthy court battles and focuses on a positive outcome with agreement by both parties. The goal is a positive post-divorce decision that benefits the whole family and leaves an intact relationship. Though arbitration may cut court time, it is still a proceeding much like a trial. It can result in attacks upon one another to just to prove a side. Results may cause lasting animosity between the couple.

Mediation – the Popular Choice

Currently, mediation is more often the choice for divorce litigation and other lawsuits because of its high success rate. Like yourself, most people want to avoid a costly court trial and to keep a positive relationship with their ex. Mediation offers a safe, confidential environment with a caring mediator to lead the way to a positive end. The state of Florida has gone so far as to require all lawsuits to be mediated before going to court. The state has determined that mediation saves time and effort, reduces court dockets and trials, and is much more cost-effect than litigation.

How You Can Beat a Speeding Ticket

We just don’t seem to have enough time on our hands these days, which leads us to speeding around in the car and then, of course we end up getting a speeding ticket. It can happen to be very irritating and it couldn’t have happened at a worst moment. Imagine this, you are already late for work and have been warned before about coming to work late, you are hurrying to work or the stores and then, you get a traffic ticket.

So, is their anyway to beat a ticket without just paying it? You will be glad to know that there are some proven methods through which you can fight ticket. Did you know that these speeding tickets are wrong? In the sense, you can say that there are like a scam. The thing is many motorists don’t want to risk defending their speeding ticket.

The result of that is they have to pay all the fines. They feel that they cannot win in court. How wrong they were? Are you aware of the fact that you can save more than $1200 per ticket when you know how to fight a ticket? The moment you are caught with a speeding ticket, don’t admit your mistake.

That is correct, many people just admit to making the mistake. Do not do that. When the officer comes to your window to ask for your license and registration, the next question will be, do you know that you are speeding? It is always better to keep your mouth shut and act relaxed.

If you are a female, you need to shed a few tears. That is what female drivers have done and would you believe it, have escaped. But, when it comes to males, it doesn’t work that way. Males will have to use the right technique.

So, the first thing to do when you are booked for a speeding ticket is to accept it with a smile and drive away. When you are present in court, you need to dress up appropriately. You appear professional when you wear a suit and behave like a grown up man. Try to be polite and respectful to everyone.

You don’t want to act too smart as it is not going to help your case. It is best to remain confident at all times which can help you win the case. The officer will have to prove you guilty. You will want to check the words that are printed on the speeding ticket. When the officer is not able to prove you guilty, you would be dismissed.

You see, officers in the end are human beings and won’t be able to recollect everything that took place that day. Your last resort would be to stall the court proceeding so that the officer can forget everything that happened. The officer might not even show up, which will let you win.

US Public at Stake With the Spreading of Contagious Disease by the Illegal Immigrants

Any alien entering the US needs to undergo a stringent Immigration Medical Exam. The medical screening is conducted by the Public Health Services. This is not something new in the US, but has been in force for a long time. The immigration medical exam is required for adjustment of status and for nonimmigrant status. A Civil Surgeon designated by USCIS conducts the Green card medical exam.

Purpose behind green card medical exam for the Immigrants

The purpose of the immigration medical exam is to verify whether the applicant has any inadmissible health condition. Those are, communicable diseases like active tuberculosis, malaria, etc. Venereal disease like active syphilis, gonorrhea, cholera, plague and the trachoma, an infection that affects the eyes. They also check the physical and mental disorders that are associated with harmful behavior, and the drug abuse or addiction. Based on the reports of the Civil Surgeon, the USCIS makes the admissibility of an immigrant in the US in a legal doorway.

The Role of CDC in Immigration Medical Exam

The USCIS under the guidance of CDC, conducts Immigration Medical Exam. CDC is one of the major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services that are recognized as the nation’s premiere health promotion, prevention, and prepares agencies. CDC works with the states and other associates, by providing a systematic health inspection to monitor and prevent disease outbreaks, strategies for preventing diseases, and maintain national health statistics. CDC also safeguards against International disease transmission. The CDC’s focus being improvisation on global health, implement measures to decrease leading causes of death and reforming health policies.

Illegal immigrants carrying contagious disease while crossing the US borders

The entries of the illegal immigrants, crossing the US borders in large numbers, are carrying with them highly contagious diseases, and having not pre-screened for medical tests and for vaccinations, they are posing medical threats to the public of the US. Diseases, like intense itchy rashes, caused by insect mites, Dengue fever, a viral illness spread by mosquitoes are detected and medical treatment have put in place. Measles and chicken pox are also emerging among the unvaccinated immigrants.

Nearly 150,000 illegal immigrants are detained by the Border Patrol and the Department of Health and Human Services. The holding centers and camps in the southern Texas and Arizona are cramped; it has turned out to be unhygienic with poor sanitation. If this continues, mosquitoes will breed resulting in deadly disease, as Dengue will turn out to be a public health disaster.

Doctors are treating hundreds of detainees for abdominal pain, skin abrasions and dehydration, they are helping as much as possible with over-the-counter medicine, but the disease continues to spread in other states, as some immigrants awaiting their court dates get on buses and go as far as New York, Ohio or Florida.

The ball is in the hands of Politicians to look into the immigration issue

America having stamped out the spread of deadly diseases decades ago, having yet another blow due to open border diseases, will not be a healthy option for America. It is indeed a high time to look into the immigration reform on both the sides of the aisle; both the house of politics should do everything they can to work together to bring this growing public health crisis under control.